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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the Secret Recipe Cookbook Club?

Authors looking for exposure for their cookbooks have agreed to let us share them with our exclusive Cookbook Club members in exchange for advertising on our site.  For one low price, members will be able to access 4 exciting new cookbooks per month.


2. How much will I save?

Each of the cookbooks we feature sell separately for between $12.99 and $29.99.  By getting four of them per month for one low price, you can easily save $50 or more per month while enjoying some fantastic new cookbooks.


3. Why is it limited to just 500 members?

To preserve the integrity of the program for the authors, we will only be accepting the first 500 members and then the door will be closed.  The authors have only agreed to allow up to 500 members to get their cookbooks as part of our cookbook club.


4. Why is the cost to join so low?

Being that the cookbooks are in a digital format, it doesn't cost much to deliver the product.  We pass on the savings to you as part of your membership.


5. What kinds of cookbooks will I receive?

You will receive a wide variety of different cookbook topics and themes ranging from soups to desserts to to ethnic dishes to healthy cooking.  As more authors join the program each week, we will continue to have exciting new cookbooks to share with you.


6. How will I receive the cookbooks?

Once you've completed your signup, you'll be automatically redirected to the private member's area.  From there you will enter your email and receive the password to access your cookbooks.  You will also be notified via email whenever a new cookbook is available.


7. Do I need any special computer application to access these digital cookbooks?

No, all you need is the Adobe Reader free program which comes standard on most computers and can be downloaded from if needed. 


8. Can I print out pages of the cookbooks once I've saved them to my computer?

Yes, you can print each cookbook in full or any individual page you like whenever you want.


9. How can I cancel if I need to?

You can cancel future payments at any time by contacting our Online Support Desk.  However, due to the demand for this program, we can not guarantee that a spot will be available in the program if you want to re-enroll in the future.


10. If a cow laughed really hard, would milk come out it's nose?

Possibly, but you'd have to tell the cow an extremely funny joke.


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