Texas Roadhouse Rattlesnake Bites

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Today’s secret recipe comes from the menu at a legendary steak restaurant.  Texas Roadhouse is well known for their hand-cut steaks and fall-off-the-bone ribs, but they also serve up some delicious made-from-scratch side dishes and appetizers.

One of my favorite appetizers at Texas Roadhouse is the rattlesnake bites.  This popular appetizer is also known as jalapeno poppers and can be found at many other restaurants.  Sure you can buy these  yummy snacks pre-made from the frozen food section of the grocery store, but they taste so much better when they are homemade.  These rattlesnake bites are perfect as a snack and always go over well at a party.


New Secret Recipe

Texas Roadhouse Rattlesnake Bites

12 large jalapenos, seeded and cut in half
2 cups Monterey jack cheese, shredded
1 large egg
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon flour
1 teaspoon Parmesan, grated
salt and pepper
1 1/2 cup bread crumbs, seasoned or unseasoned
vegetable oil

Wash jalapenos, cut in half, and take out seeds.

Stuff each half with grated jack cheese.

In shallow bowl, mix flour, egg, Parmesan, milk, salt, and pepper to taste.

Place breadcrumbs in flat dish.

Dip jalapeno in egg mixture and then in breadcrumbs.

Place in freezer for 1/2 hour.

Take out of freezer and deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Serve immediately with Ranch Dressing or Cajun Horseradish Sauce.

Serves 6

Source: KTVB TV7 Boise, ID

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3 thoughts on “Texas Roadhouse Rattlesnake Bites

  1. fred flinstone says:

    just to inform you i used to work at TRH and i have made these and you dont add the jalepeno…you can to make it even more spicy…..everything else looks right though

  2. Robin says:

    These do not look correct. I have eaten them at three restaurants and at all three, the peppers were diced and in the balls.

  3. Debann says:

    I agree, I was at Texas Roadhouse last night and they are not in balls and there was no cut in half jalapeno’s. It was diced up jalapeno’s in the cheese.

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